Product Disclaimer

While in depth research and attention to detail took place for creation of these products, they are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. Results with the use of these products are not promised or guaranteed. Therefore, no liability is taken by H.E.A.L Hair Care or its employees, shareholders or affiliates resulting from the misuse or otherwise of any products from H.E.A.L Hair Care. 

The products designed by H.E.A.L Hair Care are alternative treatments and not designed to be used as a substitute for medical intervention. These are all natural, herbal products manufactured with quality ingredients from the Earth and may cause allergic reactions to those that are sensitive. A skin patch test is recommended before use of these products. Redness, itching or skin irritation may occur due to the organic components of these products so please test all products with a skin test before use!

If you are pregnant or nursing, please seek medical advice from a medical professional before using any products from H.E.A.L Hair Care. If you have nut or food related allergies, please be cautious in the use of products from H.E.A.L Hair Care.  

Always remember, healing starts from within. 

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