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Agueje Growth Blend

Experience the power of the Agueje Growth Blend - a luxurious fusion of multiple Ayurvedic oils that nourishes and fortifies your hair from root to tip. Our expertly blended serum prevents scalp infections, minimizes hair loss, and delays premature greying. Embrace the brilliance of your hair's natural shine and strength with our chemical-free formula. Unlock the secret to extraordinary hair growth and vitality today. Try our Agueje Growth Blend and reveal the beauty and confidence that comes with healthier, more luscious hair. 

Ingredients: Lavender oil, pumpkin seed oil,camelia tea oil, castor oil, arabica oil,maracuja (passion fruit) oil,buriti (aguaje) oil, red clover, horsetail, black turmeric, ginger,chamomile, calendula,red korean ginseng, fo-ti root,black seed oil, tocopherol,rosemary essential oil,tea tree essential oil,essential oil for fragrance

$16.85 4 oz

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