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H.E.A.LING Herbal Deep Conditioner

Our Herbal Deep conditioner is made with natural ingredients like hydrosol, glycerin, and essential oils to soften, moisturize, and detangle hair. It also contains herbal components that enhance hair color and texture, giving it a healthy glow. Other properties included such as hydrolyzed wheat protein, coconut milk powder, mango butter, aryuvedic oil, and vitamin E provide protection for strands and promote healthy hair growth.


Distilled water, rose hydrosol, ayurvedic tea, aloe vera concentrate, coconut milk, mango butter, coconut oil, botanical oil blend, lavender extract, calendula extract, chamomile extract, black turmeric, red korean ginseng, shea butter, honey, glycerin, hydrolyzed wheat protein, cetereayl alcohol, tocopherol, natural preservative, rosemary essential oil, essential oils for fragrance

$15.48 16oz

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