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Growth and Shine Serum

Our handcrafted Growth and Shine Serum is meticulously made with love and care. It is a 100% all-natural formula, free from harmful chemicals. Our serum delivers the very best for your hair, immersing it in a potent blend of nourishing ingredients. The carefully selected botanicals work harmoniously to unlock your hair's true potential. With every drop, you'll witness a remarkable transformation – from lackluster to lustrous, farewelweak to voluminous. Our serum gently nurtures and protects your hair, bidding adieu to split ends and flyaways. We harness the power of nature to promote healthy hair growth, ensuring you achieve the mane of your dreams. Our serum is thoughtfully created without harsh chemicals, maintaining the purity of our product. Embrace our Growth and Shine Serum confidently, knowing it's entirely safe and natural. Pamper your hair with the care it deserves – try our serum today and experience the joy of vibrant, soft, and shiny locks, all crafted with love and the goodness of nature.

Ingredients: Passion fruit oil,amla oil,dimethicone,squalane, tocopherols,essential oils

$12.95 4oz

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